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I've decided to add my non-fiction writings to this site. I hope you enjoy them also.

The Child I Love- (Rated K)
A poem about a child with disabilities

One Soldier's Story- (Rated K+)
A story about one soldier's experience.

Cat's Life- (Rated K+) A day in two cats lives

Guard Cats- (Rated K+) Amber and Scarlette are back again. This time they are stopping a gang of mice from taking over their home.

For My Mother- (Rated K+) A Poem for my mother and all Breast Cancer Survivors

Black Is Good Luck- (Rated K) Cat Poetry

NEW! My Poetry- (Rated K)
Various poems concerning cats, nature, and fish.

NEW! Thich Nhat Hanh- A fictional story about Thich Nhat Hanh.

More to come soon!

Cat Funnies- A small collections of funnies sent to me by email. (Leads to another menu.)

Non-Fiction writings:

Who Was Jesus? (By D. M. Murdock)- A review of Acharya's latest book.

C. S. Lewis; Never an Atheist- Research paper on Lewis's "atheism" before he converted to Christianity

C. S. Lewis, His Life, and Mythology- An Essay on Lewis, Narnia, and Myth

What Is Mere Christianity?- (Last in a series) An Essay on Lewis's Mere Christianity

He Sold His Soul on eBay- A review of Hemant Mehta's book.

NEW! My Dream- A class assignment on Place.

NEW! Aesthetic Sense- A class assignment on abstract concept.

NEW! Life Experiences- Another class assignment to tie Aesthetic Sense, My Dream, and another one to come soon together.

NEW! The History of the Humanist Manifestos- A research paper.

Mythology In Shakespeare- An analysis of the Mythology in Midsummer Night's Dream and Merry Wives of Windsor.

On Life and the Afterlife- An examination and comparison of various mythologies and philosophies.

My Media Life- (Rated K)
An essay about women in media and how their rolls have changed over the years.

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